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Umayr Koshul

Umayr Koshul

Investment Buisness Coordinator

Meet Umayr Koshul, a next-generation thinker and investment coordinator at Midwest Legacy Group LLC, where he plays a pivotal role in studying and assisting the team. Umayr is recognized as a visionary, always ahead of his time and adept at foreseeing potential obstacles before they arise.

With an unwavering focus on details and an unparalleled dedication to excellence, Umayr is second to none in brilliance, making him one of the brightest talents within the organization. His dynamic and tactical approach to problem-solving sets him apart as a valuable asset to the team.

Umayr's tireless commitment to executing tasks correctly the first time showcases his dedication to precision. As he pursues mastery in accounting, he leverages his exceptional skills in numbers and logic to navigate the intricacies of investment challenges. His pursuit of continuous learning is reflected in his ongoing efforts to earn a degree in accounting while contributing to the success of Midwest Legacy Group LLC.

A native of Glen Ellyn, Umayr and his family are not just residents but pillars of the community. Their leadership is exemplified through acts of kindness that touch the lives of everyone they encounter. Umayr Koshul is not just an investment coordinator; he is a force for positive change and a beacon of excellence in both his professional and personal endeavors.