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Jacqueline Benson

Jacqueline Benson

New Buisness Coordinator

Jacqueline Benson is a dedicated Investments Coordinator at Midwest Legacy Group, bringing years of unwavering commitment to the team. As a mainstay in the organization, Jackie has become a steadfast presence, consistently contributing to the success and growth of Midwest Legacy.

In her role, Jackie undertakes the crucial responsibility of coordinating with clients and the new business team. Her focus lies in ensuring that investments are processed in a timely manner, demonstrating her commitment to efficiency and professionalism. One of her key tasks involves navigating the complex landscape of onboarding new accounts, where she plays a pivotal role in meeting compliance standards and effectively communicating processes to both financial professionals and the back office.

Known for her patience and kindness, Jackie approaches her work with a relentless dedication to meeting the evolving demands of the investment world. Beyond her professional role, she is a devoted mother and grandmother, bringing a wealth of life experiences and perspectives to her work.

Jackie is a perpetual learner, embracing the ever-changing dynamics of the financial industry. Her dedication is encapsulated in her personal motto, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." This philosophy underscores her resilience and determination to overcome challenges, making her an invaluable asset to both clients and the Midwest Legacy team.

With a passion for service, Jackie is committed to helping Midwest Legacy Group strive for excellence every day, aiming to improve at least 1% in every aspect. Her role goes beyond mere coordination; it is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the success and growth of Midwest Legacy Group.