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Tandra Broadway

Tandra Broadway is more than just a broker; she is a cornerstone of Midwest Legacy and a dedicated supporter of its long-term mission. Throughout her tenure with the agency, Tandra has worn many hats, each showcasing her versatility and commitment to excellence. From coordinating business activities to serving as an agent and providing essential training to others in the field, Tandra's multifaceted experience has been instrumental in shaping the success of Midwest Legacy.

Beyond her roles within the agency, Tandra epitomizes the spirit of entrepreneurship and community leadership. As a real estate developer, she has leveraged her skills to create opportunities and foster growth in her native western suburbs. Her unwavering dedication to her clients reflects her deep-seated belief in their potential for success.

For Tandra, life's purpose extends far beyond professional achievements; it is about empowering others to recognize their own greatness and thrive on the path to success. As a mother, she embodies resilience and compassion, nurturing not only her family but also her community.

A true steward in her community, Tandra actively engages in volunteer work and advocates for education and empowerment initiatives. By opening doors to new possibilities, she has become a beacon of hope and inspiration, transforming the lives of those she touches.

In every endeavor, Tandra Broadway emerges as a lightning rod of success, illuminating pathways to a brighter future for her community and all who have the privilege of knowing her.